Sunday, May 27, 2018

Eyes of Faith

I saw things in you 
I saw things upon you
I saw what i never knew

Things of been seen 
These things have been shown
Fear not , for your time is at hand 

Walk out in faith before my 

Eyes says the Lord Attachment.png

Monday, April 9, 2018


I know this when God speaks something hard to hear or dream I’m part of this that has been spoken it’s for me too!

This was in my heart after the visitation watching SBN jimmy Swagart singing then 

For those with callings that will not press into my voice and stay cold I will remove them from the earth so their soul is not lost for their souls were always mine saith the lord 

Arise! the body is broken and have harden their hearts I will do as I say 

I will raise up the forgotten ones and give them what the others have so easily gave up my body has become like Esau and Jacob divided amongst themselves giving to your own pleasures but I’m the creator but you act like your the creator part of my body have sold out the birthrights of their ministries 


Come unto me with repentance with your body’s bowed over like bulrush with fasting and prayer then I will hear and deliver and heal you 

But for those that continue in their religious party I will do as I say!

Watch what happens from this time forth and a year from now

You pray for only harmony and unity and My body to return unto the Lord !

This is not to be shared with no one this is your command for that I have spoken to you!

Debra says with the fear of the Lord YES SIR!

The world of this day have stolen the hearts of my people the earth wants to eat them up alive says the Lord MY HEART ALWAYS WANTED THE LOVE OF MY PEOPLE BUT THEY HAVE LEFT ME FOR DO I NOT DESERVE TO BE LOVED!

Encourage Yourself

I woke up and heard a breath that was not mine and heard the word deploy and anointed every door in the house with the blood of Jesus this devil is trying to deploy me from my calling and I’m beloved by Jesus and my God over all things 
cuz I’m close to my new beginning for that was meant for my discouragement became my encouragement

For the pure of heart and the beloved of God will walk through the fire without being burned 

That which your kindness dispelled the witchcraft that has tried to deploy itself against  you has not a grip

but the blood of Jesus is with and upon you from the this time forth let this be your escort and your strength from this time forth 

What has tried to destroy your confidence has done the opposite for the Lord the Word by the HolyGhost is with you and will always be with you 

no doubt come against you says the Lord 

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Thoughts upon the Soul but the heart is the key 

Bring forth the daily sacrifice and draw closer than ever before and watch thy soul prosper 

For out of the dryness of the desert there is the fruit and blooms of beauty which always remain upon your journey 

Believe and you will be established in faith

Believe your prophet so shall you prosper with my desires I have laid upon your heart and my ways walk the in them from this time forth 

For out of obedience to my voice miracles will be at your door 

People will give unto your bosom 

That bring forth faith to believe for the impossible 

Where miracles come forth and the hardest of hearts bow before the presence of the Lord

It’s now that which your journey has truly begun that which I wanted for you years ago. 

Be encourage and ponder upon my Word look at the dreams of all I have given you and look at the future you are about to step in for I will hover over you stay close especially this week stay closer to the Spirit of the Lord and stray not 

Stand in Faith for I’m your deliverer into the new I have for you 

Prophecy in your voice is about to come forth 

Be not afraid 

Monday, October 9, 2017

In your voice as it gently covers me and hovers over me I find healing and deliverance and peace of mind....

In your voice there is growing spurt that no one will see it coming but you...

In your voice I feel the gentleness of your love that succors to all my needs....

In your voice I feel secure and cared for and loved...

In your voice when you command something out of me is not sweet but stern and the fear of the lord surges through my soul...

In your voice reminds my spirit that I’m home for were we not all hid in Christ and Christ in God before the worlds were framed did we not all sing praises unto you while you spoke all things into existence and watched the love of all you created....

While in your voice there are praises from a heart with faith that soars like an eagle.....

In your voice it’s humbling where parts of dark speeches are seen clearly while covered  in your love...

In your voice it’s three dimensional its the best way to describe your voice....

I never want to be away from your voice!

Monday, February 20, 2017


Mere moments upon the stars of a morning glimpse of all that is placed upon the heart to believe.  The unseen of ages; pull of the moon that befalls the souls lost in time.  Night of dark, light of dawn where your love engulfs my all.  Forget not my desires of your solace voice that dances with words of faith and love.  Where the existence of dreams become the steps on the narrow of the way.  For there abides the wind upon the love while preparation of seed is planted
and Hope begins the fruit from the vine of time. Drop before the stream, your strength and guidance of wisdom for that is unseen but will be.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Three Law Givers

God chooses whom he will and he always looking for that one that has ear to hear, eye to see and heart to obey. The three law givers are those that heard the voice of God and it awaken them to walk out the word which was given to them for their calling. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God.

A reason for the laws for a people  is that after Adam he caused transgression and sins upon all mankind but something interesting God created him out of  all of mankind and he had only one commandment but he obeyed the father's will in part and doing this I believe that is why God was always looking for that one that could obey. But all my bible shows is that there were only 7 faith walkers out of all mankind that had ear to hear, eye to see and heart to obey in the book of genesis.  But My God loves everyone one and we needed the laws in the beginning because they that God desired were a faithless and forward generation but his Loves is eternal and his tender mercies and loving kindness succeeds all of time.

Food for thought perhaps the prophets has laws for the people before the perfect law of Christ

Food for thought where does the law of faith come in for the law givers because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God?

Food for thought did not Jesus do away the law of Moses and full fill the law of Moses when he obeyed his one command to lay down his life that we would all have life full of grace and faith.

The first law giver that heard and was instructed by God was Moses and he had 613 commandments  for the people but the thing is if you disobeyed one law it meant you broken all of them there was nothing good about the law if you did not obey all the law .

The second lawgiver was Jesus and below were his two commandments:

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these

Then we have the law of the Spirit in Christ Jesus and there are 42 plus laws and if you broke one commandment did not mean you broken all as it was with the Law of Moses because we are under grace, perfect love and tender mercies for all that Jesus did at Calvary. For we are a new creature these laws become one with you because OF Christ in us the hope of GLORY.

Food for thought if you area new creature by believing that Jesus Christ died for you he puts a new heart in you where you don't need the law of Moses because you are not going to want to steal, covet someone else' spouse or even kill because you are a new man and there is love, grace, mercy and faith.

But, if you did break one thank God for the Holy Ghost whom teaches us and guides us because of the obedience to the cross of our Lord Jesus the Christ the first begotten the Son of the Living God  where there are the attributes of  the Christ for His obedience that benefit us is LOVE, GRACE, MERCY AND FAITH.

Hint search the new testament for two words LET US and you will FIND  42 plus but now until you search will you really know,